Top 10 Most Important Modern Discoveries

Before going through the whole top 10 list of most important modern discoveries, make a guess of which is #1. No it is not the iPhone but rather the #1 modern discovery as voted by the British public in a Science Museum poll is the X-ray!

Now you may or may not agree with this but whatever the case is, the x-ray has done us a lot of good. The x-ray has vastly improved medical analysis as it enables professionals in the medicine field to examine us using x-ray machines which gives valuable information during check-up.

The x-ray has also helped the field of astronomy as it is able to build up more detailed pictures of the outer space in our quest for deeper space explorations.

And now without further ado, the top 10:
1: X-ray
2: Penicillin
3: DNA double helix
4: Apollo 10 capsule
5: V2 rocket engine
6: Stephenson’s Rocket
7: Pilot ACE – one of the first computers
8: Steam engine
9: Model T Ford motor car
10: Electric telegraph

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