Nine Practical Ways Video Conferencing Boosts the IT Sector’s Productivity

Video Conferencing Boosts

The technological advancements in unified communication platforms have made them very affordable. IT organizations realize the importance of this tech as their benefits far outweigh the cost. Companies can exploit the advantages of video conferencing for IT by implementing services like Blue Jeans among others. Here are few benefits that you can expect to receive:

Minimizes Distraction

Companies know the importance of the distraction-free environments. If there are distractions, productivity goes down as employees will not be able to focus on their tasks. Distractions have become more prevalent thanks to the internet and social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other apps. The only way to make employees more focused is to utilize focused online one-on-one or group conversations. As reported by Harvard Business Review, you can find that voice-based conference calls are not very beneficial as most employees are found to be multi-tasking during the calls. Web chatting software that relies on visuals can solve this problem and keep the attention of the employees on their work.

Helps in Discussion

Online chats help in streamlining the discussion. Users can immerse themselves in the software and technology thanks to their sophisticated tools, which will create the right kind of environment. Employees can use presentations, videos, and documents to pinpoint the issue that they are talking about so that audiences are in sync with the speaker and participate in the meeting thereby making it more productive.


Reduces Clutter

As reported by Reliable Plant, studies show that on an average, people waste around four hours per week just searching for papers lost in the clutter. As documents can be shared easily using online collaboration tools, it helps staff be more productive, reducing stress and frustration and improving creative thinking. By using immersive videos, meetings can enthuse participants with clutter-free thinking.

Better Nonverbal Communication

All other modes of talking to fellow staff are ineffective, as they miss the nonverbal part of communication. With online discussions, people can see others and observe their facial expressions and their nonverbal cues. As body language aids in sending subtle signals, these platforms improve people’s ability to send out and digest messages, making it much harder to mistakenly say something that you didn’t intend to.

Connect to the Outside World

These platforms are not only about internal communication. IT firms can easily connect with customers, suppliers, and other parties which can help them get feedback to improve their services and products. Outside connectivity expands the company’s reach and helps them grow their brand across countries.

Keeps You Active

With the advancement of technology, online meeting equipment is providing participants to be more involved with its sophisticated tools. It lets participants move freely, as the use of hand movements helps the audience be more involved in the meeting.

Improves Teamwork

Studies have found that video conference calls increase attendance turnouts during meetings. People would like to collaborate and contribute to the company as a team. It helps organizations interact better, share knowledge, and discuss openly to build better teams. It creates an open work environment where the entire team and consequently the whole company will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Flexible Work Environment

This tech allows people to be more flexible and spend more time with their families. It improves their relationships with the people they love and brings back a work-life balance. As people stay relaxed, they will be more focused and willing to contribute to the company. Employees, especially women, find it very convenient to work from home while taking care of their children. It helps businesses nurture more happy personnel. Happy employees are more productive and are willing to strive hard for the growth of the company.

Customer Engagement

Companies can use it to interact more with the customer and solve their problems. It builds a more loyal customer base, as many organizations are no longer limited by geographical boundaries to service their clients. They can now acquire customers from across the world and in the process build a global brand.

Improved Recruitment Policies

Companies will be able to adopt better hiring policies as they can hire talent from anywhere in the world. It makes them acquire affordable and talented labor without the same limitations that traditional methods have. The cross-cultural variety can make organizations understand others better and implement good policies and products to suit a wider market segment.

Companies should realize the importance of implementing online audiovisual calls and ensure that they exploit this technology to grow in today’s competitive environment. It is a win-win for everyone as companies benefit due to higher productivity and reduced costs, personnel benefit with less travel time and more time to spend on stuff that matters along with better work-life balance. Also, customers benefit due to better service and products resulting from the fulfilled employees contributing more than ever to the business’s success. Companies should not miss the opportunity to grow big using the innovative technologies available in the market.

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