Great Tips for Mobile Gaming

Lets face it, everyone likes playing for free, which is why we have a few top gaming apps and ways to play on the go to enable you to have a more fun commute or lunch break at work. We’re not leaving anyone out whether you’re an android fan; apple geek or tablet lover there’s something for everyone.


Available for IPhone, IPod and IPad this lifelike app has got great reviews and yes, it’s free! Get on court with other online players and practice your best swish, shoot and dunk. With very precise tools this app enables you to control the distance and angle of your shot, using the virtual backboard for more tricky shots. You can literally play this with people worldwide, so you are not limited to localized groups. Once you’ve had a few games you could even check your high score against the national leaderboard. This game is addictive but made well and completely immersive, so be careful you don’t miss your tube stop!

Angry Birds
This worldwide phenomenon is available for all platforms, and has a basic level that is free on all of them. The fuss surrounding this game is well deserved and once you complete the basic levels we can assure you will feel compelled to pay for the themed levels. The games concept is simple, you sling shot angry, canon ball shaped birds at houses or structures that house catatonic green pigs. The idea of the game is to bring the pigs demise as speedily as possible by collapsing the pig’s house on top of them. Sound simple and not hugely enthralling? Give it a chance and we promise it will get you hook, line and sinker.

Roulette Games

This may not be an app, but gosh it doesn’t make a bit of difference because free roulette in our books, gets a huge thumbs up. With great graphics and available to play on any tablet or phone with Internet access this is great fun and a perfect way to practice before heading to a real casino or alternatively a paid gaming site. With the choice of playing European, French, American or Live roulette you can perfect your game with players worldwide.


This app is currently only for IPhone usage however, is the perfect way to get you through your Friday and prepare you for the weekend. It lets you virtually drink the pint, which tilts as the phone moves as well as sending you offers for real beer, which is an added bonus. This app also houses the pint bar slide game where the objective is to slide a pint down the bar to a friend avoiding the obstacles. A great game for procrastination when you’re struggling at the end of the week.

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