3 Ways You Can Turn Your Expertise Into Big Dividends

Are you the kind of person who might reasonably be called a nerd? No shame. Nerds are usually very interesting people, specifically because they are interested in other things. And while your personal obsession might not be the kind of thing that makes you a hit at parties, there are certain applications in which knowledge can be put to use, and even monetized! We’re talking, of course, about novel investment types and betting markets, which today have a place in just about every interest you might love.

The most obvious example is sporting events. No matter where you live in the world, there are people wagering their currency against the clarity of their prescience. Though not all forms of sports betting are legal, there is always a legal way to test your guesses against the future. In the United States, fantasy football is practically a religion in its own right. This drives countless thousands to research numbers of the odds for the 2016 season, if only to better the outcome of their personal brackets. There are even places in the United States where real gambling is legal, though we advise you to test your skills with play money before digging into the American casino scene. Some of these games have been put online, and depending on where you live, may be accessible to you. This is one of the ways that your sports obsession may be turned into an income source, something you never thought possible since your dreams of being a professional athlete.

Politics are a point of obsession for people the world over. But political betting markets are a new thing that the internet has blown into full flame, and they’re taking center stage in the current US Presidential race. Well-regarded data analysis sources like 538 like to point out that betting markets are usually more accurate than polls. And though the 2016 Presidential race has thrown just about everyone into confusion, there are still people who are making dollars out of pennies, having bought up loads of “Trump” shares way back in March. The betting markets don’t just have shares about who wins and loses. There are also speculative shares about whether or not Clinton will be indicted, and similar plot elements in various political dramas. For the political junkie, these markets may be irresistible.

For the investor, binary options trading has become a compelling new way to invest, quickly and with little money at risk. Again, this is a dividend-earning tool that rewards people who know more than the average person about various stocks, markets, currencies, and commodities. Your knowledge doesn’t have to be very broad to excel. But it should be deep. The more you know about the forces that influence value fluctuations in their various financial entities, the more you’ll be able to earn. Spend some time using the free trial accounts available through most brokers to learn the ropes. What you’ll quickly learn is that this is one of the fastest investment methods ever contrived, and those with real insight can earn money fast. Like these other methods, it’s just another way that nerds can turn their knowledge into cash.

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