• Educational Planning:

    Assisting with IEPs, 504 plans, intervention plans, and Transition Planning.

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  • Presentations:

    Giving presentations at professional conferences, schools, and churches

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  • Special Education Advocacy:

    Advocating for children with special needs

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  • Transitions:

    Support during transitions, such as grade-to-grade, going to a new school, beginning college or job training

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  • Start Your Online Consultation:

    Would you like to learn how to be the best advocate for your child? Do you have questions about special education, IEPs, or other issues concerning children with special needs? Click here to complete a brief form. We will be in touch with you shortly for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! All information will be kept confidential.

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Special Education Advocacy:

Advocating for Children with Special Needs

HOPE helps parents to become the best advocates for their children with special needs. Parents intuitively know and understand their children. This is an important advantage when educational decisions need to be made.

The goal of HOPE’s advocacy services, therefore, is to provide support and information so that parents can clearly articulate their children’s needs and feel comfortable when requesting services from their children’s schools. HOPE helps parent’s resolve problems and maintain their relationship with the school.

Helping Parents to Participate Effectively in the Process

Knowing that parents are the best advocates for their children at school, the HOPE team proactively coaches parents in order to empower them to speak for themselves and their children. The result is a parent who participates as a positive member of the educational team.

Advocacy and IEP Development

When a child qualifies for special education services, the educational team must create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The team typically includes the parents, therapists, school administrators, teachers and special education teachers. Consultants or doctors may also be included and HOPE’s participation provides valuable input and support.

Emphasis on Case Management and Collaboration

Our unique approach to advocacy often puts us in the role of case manager, coordinating information and recommendations from doctors, therapists and teachers. Our commitment to developing relationships with all service provider provides continuity of care and increased communication.

Advocacy:  A Skill That Can Be Learned

Parents naturally want what is best for their children. When raising a child with a disability, fear and uncertainty can shake a parent’s confidence; advocating for the child and working with the school can seem insurmountable. Effective advocacy requires knowledge of the special education process, the ability to clearly articulate the child’s strengths and needs and strong communication skills. HOPE’s track record proves that advocacy is a skill that can be learned.

Can we help you to become the best advocate for your children with special needs? Please contact us today.

Written by hopeec

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