• Educational Planning:

    Assisting with IEPs, 504 plans, intervention plans, and Transition Planning.

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  • Presentations:

    Giving presentations at professional conferences, schools, and churches

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  • Special Education Advocacy:

    Advocating for children with special needs

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  • Transitions:

    Support during transitions, such as grade-to-grade, going to a new school, beginning college or job training

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  • Start Your Online Consultation:

    Would you like to learn how to be the best advocate for your child? Do you have questions about special education, IEPs, or other issues concerning children with special needs? Click here to complete a brief form. We will be in touch with you shortly for a free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! All information will be kept confidential.

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About HOPE Educational Consulting

Partners in HOPE

Suzanne Wilcox and Katie Wetherbee met while volunteering in their local school system. Both women are mothers of special needs children. Inspired by the need for parent support services, they created HOPE. Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Wetherbee, along with their associates, have been helping parents since 2002.

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Meet with our team

  • SuzanneWilcox
    Suzanne Wilcox
    Co-Owner: After studying Communication Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mrs....
  • katiewetherbee
    Katie Wetherbee
    Co-Owner: Mrs. Wetherbee completed her undergraduate work at Vanderbilt University, where...
  • KathyHarter
    Kathy Harter
    I am uniquely qualified to advise and counsel parents as they...